tab delimiter in tsload command?

how do you specify tab as a field delimiter in a TSLOAD command? I'm trying --field_separator "\t" but is not taking it

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  • Hi Craig,


    Can you share the full command/error? I've carried out a simple test with exactly the same and it worked just fine:


    [admin@ip-172-31-27-26 test]$ tsload --source_file time.csv --target_table time_test --target_database test --time_format "%H:%M:%S" --field_separator "\t"
    Started processing data row
    Source has 3 data rows, ignored row count 0
    Waiting for rows to commit...(please wait)
    Source summary
    Data source:                   time.csv
    Source data format             csv
    Header row?                    no
    Tokenizer Options:             escape_char: "" field_separator: "\t" enclosing_char: "\"" null_value: "(null)" trailing_field_separator: false
    Date format:                   %Y%m%d
    Date time format:              %Y%m%d %H:%M:%S
    Flexible mode?                 no
    Load summary
    Target table:                  time_test
    Should empty target?           no
    Status:                        Successful
    Rows total:                    3
    Rows successfully loaded:      3
    Rows failed to load:           0
    % of Rows successfully loaded: 100.00 %
    Load Rate (MB/s):              0.00 MB/s
    Load Rate (Rows/s):            1.87 Rows/s
    Start time (Wallclock):        Mon Nov 26 09:25:14
    End time (Wallclock):          Mon Nov 26 09:25:15
    Total load time = 1.61 seconds = 0.03 minutes = 0.00 hours
    Data size = 54 bytes = 0.05 KB = 0.00 MB
    [admin@ip-172-31-27-26 test]$ tql
    Welcome to ThoughtSpot SQL command line interface.
    Press Control-C to clear current command.
    Press Control-D or enter exit; to exit.
    Enter help or h; or help; for available commands.
    Connected to service
    (Load) address cluster: CustomerSuccess999 zoo servers:
    (Query) address cluster: CustomerSuccess999 zoo servers:
    (Callosum) address cluster: CustomerSuccess999 zoo servers:
    TQL [database=(none)]> use test;
    Changing database context to test
    Statement executed successfully.
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