GIS MAP lines (such as roads)

Does thoughtspot support loading a shape file, or can it work with KML or WKT syntax to draw a line on a map?

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  • I don't think this is possible 

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  • Michael Dockery , Marc Price is correct that we don't have that capability at the moment. 

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  •  ThoughtSpot doesn't support uploading custom shape files. Current functionality supports plotting:
    1)  Polygons : for two sub divisions under a country.
    2) Point : for zipcode/postcode or (latitude,longitude) pair.

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  • how can I have it show custom polygons? (how can I upload and make TS use my own polygons?)

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  • There is no capability to upload your own polygons to ThoughtSpot currently. ThoughtSpot has built in polygons for 2 subdivisions in selected countries. For example in the US, we have state and county polygons built in to the system. You can use these by taking the field that relates to state in your data, then in the worksheet setting the 'Geo Config' to be 'Sub Nation/region' and selecting the appropriate options for your data.

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  • Adding on to the answer above, ThoughtSpot does allow the display of detailed geography (roads, rivers, etc.) if you have enabled "map-tiles" - work with the ThoughtSpot support team to enable that in your ThoughtSpot environment.

    The image below shows the level of detail you can zoom in to with map-tiles enabled.

    However, this does not resolve your question about drawing lines or custom shape files, but it does provide a more detailed map display.

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  • To extend this, will there be future functionality where shape files could be loaded into ThoughtSpot?  In particular, I've been asked about Census tract data for financial services in regards to federal compliance.

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