SpotOn Learning: ThoughtSpot 5.0 BI and Data Science Features (12/20/2018)


Welcome to the webinar follow-up and discussion on using BI and Data Science Features in ThoughtSpot 5.0. Here, you can watch the webinar for the first time or rewatch it to catch something you missed. 

We will follow-up on Q&A's not answered during webinar.

Slide Decks and Follow-up Resources

About the Presentations

ThoughtSpot 5.0 made its debut at the Beyond conference in Washington DC, and introduced several capabilities to support BI analysts and data scientists. Many of these new features merit a closer look.

We are pleased to have ThoughtSpot technical staffers present, in this demo-rich webinar, a sampling of how-to’s on some key 5.0 features related to formulas and custom scripts. 

  • Incorporate powerful custom algorithms into searches with custom R script integrations - Presenter: Antony Chen
  • Use group_aggregate functions to achieve flexible aggregation of measures in searches, rather than being bound to the granularity of the dimensions in the original columns  - Presenter: Archit Bansal
  • Leverage a fiscal calendar in formulas to create custom business calendars  - Presenter: Tejas Saxena 

Please join us for this year-end session to learn more about these features, bring your questions for follow-up Q&A here on the Community, and let us know what topics you'd like to hear more about next year.

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  • Thanks Victoria. Is the full Time Series Forecast R script available to load in 4.5.1?

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  • Victoria Bialas Victoria Bialas Victoria - if you think it would be useful to the TS Community, that would be great. It is one that I feel could be used by several others. Thanks.

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  • Victoria Bialas That's what I understand for 4.5.1. I'm just looking for the actual R script for full time series forecast so I can load via Custom Analyze/SpotIQ.

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  • John Claudi-Magnussen I just heard from Antony, I have some info for you I am going to post here. Regarding 4.5.1 first, custom R scripts are in fact available for use there, but because you might not have all the packages you need on the system by default.

    Regarding getting a full script for time series analysis, did you take the links into the R script documentation that I provided above? There I provided the full scripts Antony used in the demo, along with links to the website where he got the original scripts from. If you go to that website, you can find things like this: Time Series Forecasting with R. Let me know if this helps.

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  • John Claudi-Magnussen  Additionally, here is more from Antony, probably the answer you are looking for 🙂:

    With 4.5.1, along with R integration in the answer page, we introduced R templates which allow you to save your R script to use for future analyses. With this feature we also included some pre-built R scripts, so if you go to the R analysis page and click on the ellipses icon (...) then clicks Load, you should see a list of the pre-build R scripts, I believe you are looking for the one named 'Time Series Forecast`. The script is set up in such a way so that if you enters ANY query with the patterns [numeric column] (e.g. revenue) by [time column] it should work. This script is attached here as a text file.

    Also, I think you should be able to load this either via the "load" templates in SpotIQ or the R script beta feature on the answer page for 4.5.1.

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  • Victoria Bialas Victoria (and thanks to Antony) - what I need is in the txt document. We're not too familiar with R here so I thought it best to start with Antony's documentation and it looks like the forecast was not loaded on our system. Thanks so much for your help.

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  • John Claudi-Magnussen the script you are looking for is in the documentation. Take the second link at the top of this page,  “Diverging Bars example script in documentation” . There’s a short intro and then both scripts, the original and the modified one. You can cut and paste. Let me know if you get what you need to start with after taking that link.

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