Sub-headings in a pinboard

Hello! Is there any way to create a blank answer and add it to a pinboard to create a divider/heading within the pinboard? I'm trying to separate a couple sections and organize/label those sections.

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  • Interesting question, Meghana. We don't have this feature, but I will pass the request to the product team.

    As a workaround, you could do something like this. Try doing a relevant simple search like "sales" which returns one number. Then pin it and make it screen width. Not beautiful, but gets the job done. You could even cheat by uploading a "titles" table and choosing a cell value from it to populate the "section title".

    Here is an example:

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  • Alicia Avrach

    Following up on this thread. This would be a great feature to have, especially when the pinboard encompasses various aspects of data, or, it requires some briefing or explanation of the data that's shown to a consumer (i.e., notes or assumptions). Widgets that could allow freeform rich text editing would be very beneficial.

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  • I agree, being able to add narrative to a pinboard would be a welcomed feature. 

    also the ability to add text along with dynamic text from a field that could change based on drill down or filters changing. 

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