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Using ts: bi server table, I want a chart to show number of new unique users by week/month/year (timestamp field). How would I create the Answer to accomplish this?

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  • Patrick DeKenipp You can accomplish this by creating an aggregated worksheet. Here are the steps:

    1. Do a search for [user min timestamp] on the TS: BI Server worksheet.

    2. Save this search as an aggregated worksheet. This option is under the Actions menu.

    3. Do a search for [timestamp count user] on the aggregated worksheet you created. You can add [monthly sort by timestamp] to your search.

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  • Hi - I have a similar business case where I'm looking for new accounts. The above solution will give me new accounts, but I want to be able to compare # of new accounts vs # of existing accounts for a given time frame. Any suggestions? 

  • Steph Fisher You can try saving the search mentioned in step #3 as an aggregated worksheet and then doing a search on that for the number of new users along with a formula using cumulative sum to find the running total of existing users. For example: cumulative_sum( <number of new users>, <monthly timestamp>). You may need to change the default aggregation on your new users column to "Total".

  • Thanks  Vanessa McAfee . Ideally I would like the new vs existing accounts to be metrics on a worksheet that I can pin answers to pinboards that can be filtered.

    The issue I keep running into is doing a min(date) or group_min(date, account id) is when I filter, I don't see the original date the account is opened. I see the min date, per date filter. I'll work on putting together examples/better write up. 

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