Database support

Which are the databases supported and what are deployemne process.

Will it support heterogeneous databases ?





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  • ThoughtSpot caches data in memory from one or more source systems. There are several ways to cache data including command-line scripts to load CSVs, JDBC/ODBC drivers with ETL tools and UI-driven connectivity to a variety of data sources including most popular relational databases. See this link for more details:

    Data Integration Guide for 4.4 can be found here:

  • Hi Vijay,

    Is there any specific list which shows list of Databases ThoughtSpot can connect?

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  • ThoughtSpot does not (currently) directly connect to any external data source to “pull” data into the platform, instead you need to “push” data into ThoughtSpot.  As such, we do not “support” any external databases, since we do not connect to them.  What we do provide is an ODBC and JDBC driver that you can install onto an existing Data Integration (ETL) Platform and use that platform to connect via those drivers to ThoughtSpot to “push” (i.e. load) data into the ThoughtSpot data cache.

    I said “currently” above as we have announced a new feature that we are bringing to market in the first half of this year, this feature is named “Embrace" and it will enable ThoughtSpot to directly connect to external data sources to search across them, the first supported data source will be Amazon Redshift, and we will add further data sources in the second half of the year.

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  • Damian Waldron  Thanks Damian for your answer. I am looking forward to welcome ThoughtSpot Embrace feature.

  • Currently we are using Version I have admin access. Right now we are using tsload to load data to ThoughtSpot. I couldn't see any other data base connectivity option in my ThoughtSpot instance (Like ODBC and JDBC). How I can enable ODBC or JDBC option? 

    Image 1: Version number

    Image 2: Data source option is grey out. There is no additional data base connectivity option.

  • Ketan Siddhapura have you looked at this ? I’m giving you the links to the latest version of the documentation even though you are on of the product because we updated the driver downloads in 5.0. I believe they are also updated in the 4.5 docs but just to be sure I’m giving you the latest version of the docs. These drivers should work for you.

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