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Can someone provide details on below queries:


Q: Does ThoughtSpot connect with IBM DB2? If yes, how?
Q: Does ThoughtSpot connect with MYSQL?
Q: What are the different load mode Thoughtspot support(Batch/Full load)?

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  • Hi Siddhi Doshi

    TS doesn't connect to DB2 or MYSQL. As for load modes, we can do both Full Loads as well as incremental. Does that help with your question? 

  • Siddhi Doshi , actually, thinking of your other posts on our community, we realize that you ask this question in the context of Embrace. Can you confirm? 

  • Paola No, this question is not related to Embrace. It is more on how can we connect TS with MYSQL and IBM DB2 since our client has data on it

  • Siddhi Doshi You can connect to MySQL by using a JDBC connector and then pushing that data to ThoughtSpot using either ODBC, JDBC or tsload.

    Typically, you would have an ETL tool that would connect to MySQL as the source and to ThoughtSpot as the destination. 

    Same holds true for DB2. You would setup either a JDBC or ODBC connector to DB2, and then push that content into ThoughtSpot using either ODBC, JDBC or tsload.

    Are you using an ETL tool? If so, which tool are you using?

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  • Dave Cohen Thanks Dave. This helps. We are still not sure on the ETL tool the client is using however they have a requirement to connect to MySQL and IBM Db2 database.

    I see in this demo video, connectors for MYSQL and IBM DB2. Please confirm.

  • That video discusses an old deprecated feature named "Data Connect", which was an OEM of Informatica's Cloud based ETL capability, unfortunately this option is no longer provided. Today, to get data into ThoughtSpot's in-memory cache you need to "push" data into ThoughtSpot, typically using you own ETL tool as has been discussed above.

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  • Paul Froggatt Thank you for the detailed information. This helps!

  • Is this applicable for mainframe data sources as well?

  • Any data source that an ETL tool can connect to (to extract data from) will be applicable.

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