Huge bug in ThoughtSpot Search

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but there seems to be a huge bug in the search function in ThoughtSpot.

While working in an Answer and refining the Search with various terms, ThoughtSpot has a tendency to concatenate all of the Search terms and error out saying that all of a sudden that "Thought did not find........" then it lists out all of the search terms I am using, only they are all concatenated.

This completely destroys the search I just spent an hour refining.

Our end users have this same issue along with ThoughtSpot Search trying to insert random terms, moving the cursor to random places which breaks the search patterns.

It is not only annoying but causing our user community to lose faith in the product.

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  • From what I see, there are 3 places where you have a date that runs right into the next keyword.

    So, start on the left and add a space after the first occurrence of the word date and before the word "yearly"

    Then go to the 2nd instance in your search and add a space after the word date and before the word "yearly"

    And then further to the right add a space after date and before the word "before"

    Let us know if that sorts out the search.

  • David - I'm assuming you are trying to accomplish something like the search that is shown below. If I'm interpreting your example search correctly, these are the fields that you are working with:

    cge timecard date
    cge hours 
    billable hours 
    cge timecard week number 
    work region  (with at least one value = 'us')
    work segment (with at least one value = 'ps')

    Let me know if I'm interpreting your data correctly - if so, I will send you some follow on search examples that you can try.

  • Hi Dave, thanks for responding. The issue is not the keywords that I am choosing but rather the Search bar behavior when adjusting the key words or column names. As I add or delete keywords or column names the entire string with will concatenate and throw an error saying that ThoughtSpot cannot find certain columns. An "edit" button pops up but that is not solving the issue. It tends to wipe out the Search.

    This happening on a regular basis and is frustrating users.

  • What browser are you using? 

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I am sorry that our search is giving your users some trouble but don't worry we will make it right.

    Going over this conversation, it seems like sharing a video of your screen might be helpful in understanding the issue better. You can use any screen capturing tool out there, many of us at ThoughtSpot use .

    Feel free to reach out to us for any further help. 

  • Marc Price  - We are using the Chrome browser

  • Archit Bansal (Spotter) - Thanks, we will try to capture the issue in Loom.

  • I managed to make a Loom video to try and capture the behavior we are experiencing in TS.

    Hopefully, this shows the buggy nature of the search.

  • The seems to mostly occur when the 'sort <label> descending' phrase is an existing part of the search. Upon changing, deleting other elements of the search, the string concatenates.

  • Thanks David for the video - engineering will look into this

  • David - Looks like some column names (eg. " non-billable hours") in your worksheet have leading spaces which might be leading to this behavior. Can you please try removing them and confirm if the issue goes away?

  • Hi Archit, trying to remove the spaces has no effect. I don't believe that leading spaces is the cause of the issue.

    As I explained before, TS Search tends to remove spaces on it's own, change the position of the cursor at random and concatenate strings at random.

    The AI seems to be over interpreting what the users wants.  :-)

  • David, did you remove them in your query?  Or in the worksheet (the data source)?  They need to be removed from the worksheet.  Only users with edit permission on the worksheet will be able to do this.

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