Issues with Date Formatting for two digit year

I'm loading in a %m/%d/%Y date into TSpot with EoM like:

01/31/19, 02/28/19, 03/31/19, etc.

When loading data into my instance, I am getting values:

01/31/1919, 02/28/1919, 03/31/1919, etc.

I have 'Formatted' the field in the table to be M/YY as per the user manual, which returns 1/19, 2/19, 3/19, etc. as expected; however, when putting this date field into a worksheet (maintains M/YY format) I get dates like:

01/31/1919, 02/28/1919, 03/31/1919, etc. 

I have yet to be able to get the 1919 to change to 2019 (aside from changing the underlying data).  From the User Guide, it states that years below 67 should default to a '20' prefix but this clearly isn't the case.  Has anyone else had issue with this?

Currently running 5.2.cu1 on a PoC env.

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  • Are you loading via TS load? The format should be %y note lowercase for two digit years. 

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  • Damian Waldron 

    Yes I am using a tsload script.  I had used two lower case y's and two uppercase Y's in my validation and both resulted in 1919.  I just reran my data load using %y and it formatted correctly.

    Can you append this to the current user guide in Date Formats?  When to use upper vs lower case "Y" when doing date/datetime loads.  Also, is there a chance that there will be some matching/equivalence with the number/date formatting at the UI?  Currently there are some substantial differences which can be confusing when developing.  (E.g. month/minutes for tsload is m/M, at the UI is M/m).

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  • The specific formats supported for data loading are this link:

    Note that additional formats are supported when loading data through the front-end.

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  • You can use this site to get the correct date formats for tsload


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