How to upload data file from laptop to TS server?

i'm starting to set up an automated load process and am getting into the SSH, TSLoad, TQL Stuff... 

1 remaining question is landing data on the TS server in order to load it into a database/table via TS Load commands. I don't see this step covered anywhere. I see reference to staging the data on the server, but no more details on this part.

is SCP used via SSH directly? is something else open on the TS server to SFTP files to a directory via WINSCP or Filezilla or something?  does anyone have more guidance on this, and or any examples?

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  • Hi  craig vigor
    You can either scp the files via ssh or do it vis FileZilla or WinSCP.
    Filezilla/WinSCP will provide a better GUI for the transfers. Once you download any of these, just provide TS backend ssh credentials (and port: 22) through these to log in and do the file transfer. The best place to transfer the data files is /export/sdb or /export/sdc directories so that they stay on a different mount than /home/admin and do not interfere with the cluster space.
    After the files are transferred, you can go to the file location and do a tsload via terminal/console.  
    Let me know if you have any questions.



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  • Thanks Nikhita, makes sense.  do you have any examples of SCP commands when you SSH into a TS server from your PC and want to land files there?

  • Hi Craig.. you could go to the folder on your local machine through terminal and then write this command : scp ./<filename> <username>@<tsserverip>:/export/sdb. Example : scp ./test.csv admin@ Hope this helps..

  • It will ask you for the password, which you can enter subsequently..

  • Note this works well from a Mac where scp is built in.. from a PC you probably won't have as much luck! Winscp/Filezilla are fine for ad-hoc data movement (and are using the same protocol behind the scenes). Are you wanting to do something more programmatic or are you just after details of the methods available to you?



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