Cant create Pinboard filter.

I created a worksheet ("Test filter ws") and then created a pinboard on top of that.Pinboard ("Test Filter") currently has one grid with source "Test filter ws".

But when adding filters IT shows some error.

How can we add filters to  a pinboard then?

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  • Naman - From past experience (version 4.2.1 & on), if you create an answer on top of a worksheet - you should have no issues adding a filter to a pinboard (as long as the column is available in the worksheet).

    However if you create an answer > save as worksheet > pin it creates an aggregated worksheet that you cannot apply a pinboard filter with. 

    How I personally keep the confusion between worksheet and aggregated worksheet straight: 

    1) Worksheets are created under Data tab > Actions > Create Worksheet

    2) Aggregated worksheets are created under Search/Answers Tab > Save as Worksheet

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  • Thanks  Steph Fisher , This worked totally.

    I am using Tspot 3.5.7 and was first creating worksheets by : create an answer > save as worksheet > pin it and trying to add a filter.This didn't work.

    Now I tried the other way, Data tab > Actions > Create Worksheet and I can add filters here.

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