Make a line graph using the same filter different objects

I'm trying to make a graph using that will show average sales per day and then also allow me to select two other groups of salespeople and show the average of those groups as well. I currently have one filter that I can select salespeople from. Is there away to apply that filter on a per line basis?

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  • Hi Steven Bohlson you should be able to do this by creating a formula that filters the sales for the groups you want. For example, if you had several sales region groups and just wanted sales for east and west you could do:

    if ( sales_region = "east" or sales_region = "west" ) then total sales else 0 

    If you need more help with the specific formula you can schedule an office hours session.

  • Thanks for your help. That's not quite what I'm trying to do. I want to take all the salespeople from one department in one store and divide them into two groups, possible using a filter on the pinboard. I then want to be able to graph both groups by their average sales and have an overall average on the same graph. I can currently show each individual salespersons averages, but I can't figure out a way to group them or to show an overall average on the same graph.

  • Steven Bohlson Let us know if the group_sum(...) / group_unique_count (...) formula approach we went over on webex works for your use case. Aggregate functions can be found in the Forumla reference

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