Scheduled reports internal domain not whitelisted

I am trying to run a scheduled report. When it tries to run I get an error message that says.


Job started at 08/21/2018, 06:05:00

Error Code: 12700 Incident Id: 74775d0b-bedf-4156-9040-313be016edef

Error Message: Error in generating scheduled update. Error Code: 12714 Details: Email ignored as the domain is not whitelisted.

This is our internal domain that we use to authenticate against for every user that logs in. Does it need to be white listed some where else to get the scheduled reports to run?

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  • Hi Steven,

    The short answer is that yes it does. By default we don't make any assumptions about email domains that we should allow emails to be sent to, even if it's your internal domain.

    Setting this up is fairly quick but does require back end access so we recommend logging a ticket with support at in order to get assistance in configuring this.


    Hope that helps,


  • Stuart Herd Thanks, I've opened up a ticket. I often seem to have trouble finding the documentation to be able to do these things on my own.

  • In this instance you can go to and search for 'whitelist' - there are a few options but this page:

    talks about whitelisting about three quarters of the way down.. but it does point you at support!

    The online docs actually have decent search. If you do find it problematic finding stuff that you think should be there please do flag it and we can get things updated.



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