Create a Answer (card) that is just TEXT

I am trying to create "Headers" to better organize a Pinboard. It looks like there is no way to do this intuitively so am wondering if there is a hack of some sort to make this work. For instance, using a IF statement that returns a text value. 


If this was in EXCEL, something like below would work


iferror( 1/0 , "USA Section of Pinboard")


The above will always evaluate 1/0 as an error and in return provide the output of "USA Section of Pinboard" which will ideally appear on the card. Then, this can be added to a pinboard and resized to act as a header

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  • Wanting to avoid loading a data source with just text to do this.

  • I think you could only display it as a table and it doesn't look great 

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  • Can confirm table hack doesn't look great. Thanks for looking - was hoping there was a indirect way to achieve this. Hopefully a feature to be added in future!

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  • Scott Lanning Enhancements to our pinboards to allow text and images is on the roadmap.  I can't give an estimate at this time, but we definitely understand that this is a priority for many of our customers. 



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