Open a pinboard by clicking table column value of another pinboard

I would like to open a pinboard by clicking table column value of another pinboard where clicked value should be applied as filter.

Ex: I've a summary pinboard which has a table Country and Sales.

If I click on Country value (UK) in the pinboard it should open a another pinboard where UK should be applied as filter for that entire pinboard which has at detail level info.

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  • I don't think this is possible at the moment 

  • Marc Price 

  • Sreenivasa Reddy Yelampalli you can do this by creating a value in your table that uses our {caption} tag and creates a link. That link can be to your pinboard. You would then need to use a runtime filter in the link to create the UK filter.  Here's an example of using {caption} to create the link:

    {caption}service request number{/caption}http://some_link_here?id=4

    that would create text that says "service request number" and when you click on it it would go to 

    Here's a formula that would create tthis:
    concat('{caption}' , service request number , '{/caption}' , 'http:some_link_here?id=', service request number)

    If you want to add a runtime in there, here is documentation on that. You'll just be adding params to the pinboard url.

    Hope this helps!


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  • to expand on Margie's example.  I would construct the formula in your country example like this:

    concat( "{caption}", country, "{/caption}https://<ts_url>/#/pinboard/<pinboard_id>?col1=country&op1=EQ&val1=", country)

    where "country" is your column name and replacing the ts_url with your actual URL and the pinboard_id with the actual ID that you see in your specific pinboard URL.

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  • I didn't know this was possible! 

    I'll definitely be using this. 

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  • Thank you all for your quick response.

    I’ve tried the logic shared by you. By this logic I can open the target pinboard but filter is not applying after opening.

    Please find the logic which I’ve created.


    concat( "{caption}", country , "{/caption}", country) 


    Also one more small issue, Values in the hyperlink column, not entire value showing as hyperlink.

    Ex: If the value is United Kingdom then it showing as United Kingdom Kingdom (1st part United Kingdom as hyperlink format and 2nd part Kingdom as normal format)



    My Thousghtspot version is 5.3.2 CU3.

    Created the hyperlink formula in the worksheet. Both pinboard and answer created on top of worksheet.

    Target pinboard has pinboard filter on Country

  • Hi Sreenivasa Reddy Yelampalli - I don't want to leave you hanging so I wanted to let you know that I see the problem. It is related to countries that have space in the name. I have reached out here at ThoughSpot to see if we can come up with a solution and I am also posting a ticket on it.  I will update you once I have some info for you.

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  • I get the same with anything with a space in the text. I'm using 5.2.2 

  • Margie Roginski Thank you very much for your reply.

    Kindly note that original issue also not resolved yet as mentioned in the previous post.

    I can open the target pinboard with hyperlink but it's opening with out filter.

    Please find the logic which I applied 

    concat( "{caption}", country , "{/caption}", country) 

  • Sreenivasa Reddy Yelampalli this method works for me. 

    you don't see the filter being added (like you would a pinboard filter) but you can see the filter in the URL at the top of the page and the data is filtered. 

    best way to test this is to just add a table with only the country field to the second pinboard, when you click the link in the first pinboard, the table should only show one country. 

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  • Marc Price Thank you very much for your inputs.

    Filter is working but space limitation is there.

    If the country is India, Filter is working since it is single word.

    If the country is United Kingdom, Filter is not working since it has two words with space

  • Sreenivasa Reddy Yelampalli it doesn't work in a table view 

    but it does work if you create a chart. i.e. put the hyperlink in the x axis of a bar chart... 

  • Sreenivasa Reddy Yelampalli Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I spoke with our engineering team and we will have a fix for this in 6.0.4, which will be released in a couple of weeks.  Is it possible for you to upgrade to 6.0.4 once available?

    Marc Price thank you for all of your helpful comments, as well!

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  • Margie Roginski Marc Price

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Will coordinate with my team on the next version.

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  • You're very welcome,   Sreenivasa Reddy Yelampalli !

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