Limits of Pivot Table

What are the current 'official' limits of a Pivot Table? How many rows and columns can be managed before the tool blanks and says "The search returned too many results. Please filter to enable pivot table."?


Is this a feature that is going to be expanded to handle more rows? Our users love pivot tables..

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  • Hi Tracie, 

    These are the following limitations for pivot tables: 

    Pivot table limitations

    The pivot table chart type has these limitations:

    • Only the first 10,000 data values are used. If you would like to increase this limit, please contact ThoughtSpot Support.
    • Pivot table is not available if the dataset contains more than 100,000 rows.
    • Cardinality is not configurable.
    • Show underlying data menu is unavailable.
    • Conditional formatting is not functional.
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  • Marc Price Thanks for the quick reply! 


    Tracie Wood did that help answer your question?

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  • Yes! Thank you Marc and Paola. Will the feature be enhanced for additional releases to handle more than 100,000 rows and use conditional formatting?

  • Hey Tracie , 

    We understand that our customers have large amounts of data and displaying more of it in one view, whether that be a chart or table, is definitely on our roadmap.

    This feature cuts across our product and we want to make sure we bring you this functionality with performance and delight. We can’t yet give a specific release date but we are designing our new features with your big data in mind and hope to have improvements in this area in mid to late 2020 🙂

  • Just out of curiosity, what would you use a pivot table with 100,000+ rows for? 


    Wouldn't you want to filter it down to a more usable number?

  • Marc Price This is something we are trying to teach our business users..until then, having more rows available to pivot would be easier to get them to use the features.

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