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Is there a way, in ThoughtSpot chart configuration, to change the order of items in a legend displayed in a chart?

Example:  I have the following counts of items by date, across these dimensions in order of a defined process:

- Requested
- Activated
- Closed

Currently, the legend is plotted as:

- Activated
- Closed
- Requested

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  • Yes. While viewing the chart, go ahead and click Configure Chart. In the Legend field, delete the legend items and add them in the new order you'd like to view them in.

    For example, in your case, if you'd like to move the Requested item to the front, simply delete the Activated and Closed items. Then add those two items again, and they will be listed after Requested.

  • That solution works great for showing multiple columns in the legend. But I think you may be looking to change the order of the legend values, which show by default in alphabetical order. Is that right? 

    There is a workaround, but it's a bit cumbersome. I've seen people create a formula that appends a number to the beginning of each item in the legend to force the order in which they show on the chart. This works great as long as there aren't too many values, and you know in advance what they are.

    Then they include the formula rather than the raw column as the legend in the chart.

    Hope this helps.

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