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How is the 'Recently Trending' section populated?  Is it based on group assignment?  I would assume if a user has access to group A and group B they would not see pinboards and answers that have been shared with group C?

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  • I would like to confirm if my assumption is correct.  Is group assignment the only criteria for populating the 'Recently Trending' and 'Recently Viewed' sections of TS or are other factors in use?

  • Paul Dailey for the Recently Trending section, we look at which pinboards are most active but will show you only the pinboards that you have access to. It could be either because the pinboard was shared directly with you or with a group that you are part of.

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  • Siva Singaram quite the contrary.  We are observing users (who should not have access to those pinboards) able to see pinboards across other groups.  Same thing asked by Paul before, a person in Group Z can see recently trending pinboards that have only been shared with Group A.  The person in Group Z is in no way connected to Group A.  The pinboard/worksheet both have only been shared in Group A.   

  • To clarify my post, it appears that how I was managing the Groups was passing that shared information into sub groups.  Is it true that a Super group, a group of groups, can share within itself and subgroups should not be able to see that information?  Or will a share within that supergroup share information across all subgroups?

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