Upgrades I would like to see

Big Fan of ThoughtSpot. Really like the tool and the impact it's had on my daily work.  Here's a couple of upgrades i'd like to see in time, some sooner than others.  Currently working in 4.5.2 but will soon upgrade to 5.1.  Maybe these have already been addressed.  

Rapid Fire:

* When going to edit an answer within a Pinboard that has "pinboard filters",  it would be optimal if the pinboard filters were applied to the answer in edit mode.  

* I have some 12 month rolling calculations, (example would be acquisition rates (moving_sum ( "metric A" ,11,0,yearmth )/moving_sum ( "metric B" ,12,-12).. )  It would be optimal if i didn't have to have all the months in the answer for it to calculate. This would be a hide feature, not an exclude. 

* Worksheets and Tables mature and sometimes get replaced.  Looking for an option to 'repoint' answers/pinboard to a different worksheet.  Bulk 're-pointing' would be optimal but one by one would be fine too.  Right now the process requires copy and pasting and changing sources in every answer ever created.  Prone to errors and slow

* Allow relationships to be updated or changed without having to delete answers pointing to the same worksheet.  Why in edit mode, should there be a live connection to answes.  Have the link to the answers only be impacted/tested after the worksheet admin has attemped to clicked thru "save".  if the answers are impacted because of incorrect join, then hey, its fair to not allow the answer to save.

* 3 or 4 more tile sizes for squares in pinboards would be nice.  Or think of a solution for floating or manual adjusted tile sizes.

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  • Hi Roland,  Regarding pinboard filters: applying the pinboard filters to the answer in edit mode is absolutely on our roadmap. We are in the midst of planning some major improvements to filtering and this is part of that effort.

    We are also working on major improvements in the pinboard layout and chart configuration areas and you'll see these begin to rollout in Q3, with continued improvements over the next few quarters. Filtering improvements are targeted for end of year and into early 2020.

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  • Margie Roginski Good afternoon Margie.  Thanks for the response.  Love to hear about new versions and improvements.  Perhaps we can chat more at Beyond 19.

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  • Yes, would be great to chat at Beyond, Roland!

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