Total Boxes for Tables

When building answers with table visualization, sometimes I see total boxes appear at the bottom of the page, but sometime I don't. What triggers the total boxes to appear?

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  • Hi Steph,

    Here is a link to read more about Headlines:


    ThoughtSpot basically creates any relevant headlines for columns.I know two of the cases when headlines does not appear for searches:

    1.When the base table is related over a chasm trap.Here is more information on Chasm trap limitations :

    2.When there is a lot of unique value in the result.

  • Heya Steph,

    To follow up on Aditya - when there is a large number of rows, we sample the data and only show the first 1,000 in a table. Because we're sampling the data, we don't show headlines because the number may not be accurate. Often doing some sort of aggregation will bring them back. 馃檪


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  • Thanks for the quick response. I believe I'm not seeing the Headlines because of a chasm trap. Is there a timeline when KPI boxes or Headline boxes will become available as a visualization? 

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  • KPI boxes as a visualization is something we definitely want to pick up at some point, but we don't have a specific timeline for. Can you tell me more what you mean by headline boxes? Currently, headlines can be saved directly to pinboards. 

  • Yotam Dror - Yes, I want to pin the headlines to the pinboard, however I am unable to do so because of a chasm trap. Thanks for the feedback!

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