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Hi All-


I'm trying to calculate the average number of trades per account over a period of time.

I already have a formula (created on the worksheet itself) that provides the number of trades -  unique count. But when I try to do a group_average formula, that data point doesn't appear. I also am not able to replicate it  within the answer to try and get it to do a group average.

Any suggestions?


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  • Are you adding the data point on its own? 

    Try and add it with the date column 

    Also try group_average(trades per account, date) 

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  • To add to Marc Price:

    Are the results from the formula correct when you switch to table view?

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  • Marc Price I've tried adding it on its own and using the group_average formula but it didn't work. i even tried doing a group_count (trade number, account number) and do an average on that, but it didn't work either.

  • Mike Batovsky I'm not sure what you mean. I've only been using the table view so far.

  • Brette Husar 

    Sorry for the confusion Brette,

    I was not sure if you were say it was not showing up on the chart as a data point after you added the formula. It sounds like you are saying the calculations that have been tried so far do not return with the answer you are looking for. 

  • Mike Batovsky Mike Batovsky No worries! its a big confusing all around. This is all just in the grid/table format.  And you are correct, nothing I've tried so far seems to be working as i would expect. I'm currently in the process of copying the working and trying to add some calculations there too.

  • Brette Husar 

    To better understand the ask, taking the TS functions out of the equation what does the calculation look like on paper?

    An example might be:

    For each account

    Take the count of unique trades by day / the number of days in the month = the daily average # of trades by account. 

  • Mike Batovsky no problem.


    I'm looking at a 6 month period of trade activity. Every account would have whatever number of trades during that period. I am looking to find the average number of trades by account.

    Does that make sense?

  • Brette Husar 

    Company A had 500 unique trades over the last 6 months

    Company B had 1500 unique trades over the last 6 months

    If the above are my numerator what should be used as the denominator to get the average?

  • Mike Batovsky 2000 (total trades)/2 (companies)

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  • Count (trades) / unique count  (company name) 

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  • Marc Price I think that worked! Should've stuck with basic math instead of a fancy formula!. Ha! Thank you!

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  • Brette Husar Great! 

    happy you got to it in the end 

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