How does the TS appliance handle outgoing mail by default?

We have an appliance-based cluster which successfully sends mail. Referring to the docs, using tscli smtp show- commands, I find most of the settings unconfigured (i.e. NOT FOUND).


I need to provide information to our email team on how we are managing outgoing mail from the server. I have gotten as far as looking at etc/postfix/  but it's not clear to me whether this is a default component of the Linux distro or actually something ThoughtSpot uses.


Anyone know how the TS appliance handles outgoing mail by default?

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  • I had to setup the smtp server using tscli for outgoing email on an on-prem instance 

    You have to whitelist your domain. 

  • Hi Joe

    As Marc mention, we require two steps to configure outgoing email from your TS instance:

    1. Setup SMTP relay host
    2. Whitelist the domain

    Please reach out to TS support (email: to configure it in your system if it’s already not been configured. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • The documentation for setting up SMTP can be found here.  If you need to whitelist domains as stated please open a ticket with ThoughtSpot support.

  • Thank you all for your replies!

    So, I've seen the documentation. The wrinkle here is that the cluster currently sends mail with no problem. Admin alerts, user requests for assistance, scheduled pinboards.

    My question is how this is happening when the SMTP details are not found/empty as pictured.

  • I'm not trying to stop mail from sending, just figure out what host is being used, etc.

  • Hi Joe,  
       Try running `dig <YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME>  MX`.  Any email going out should have a header available to show the route it took to be delivered. The MX record is most likely your domains default MX record.   Open a ticket for this one and we assist with this question.   

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  • Hi Korey,


    That was helpful. Also, running the full headers from an email sent from the appliance answered some of my questions as well.


    I'll submit a support ticket if our email sysadmins come back to me needing more info.


    Thanks for the help!



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