creating the worksheet based on the table as data source

I'm creating the worksheet based on the table as data source which has 123 columns , I am unable to create worksheet for whole columns .

Is there any inbuilt ThoughtSpot functionality which is restricting us to do that. Or plesase confirm how can we achieve it?

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  • What error are you getting? There's no restriction on the number of columns that I'm aware of.

  • James Belsey  I am getting error like we cant add more columns in search option

  • I'm not sure where you're getting the error. As noted by  Siddhi Doshi , there is a limit of 1000 columns in a Worksheet, so you should not be hitting that.

    All columns have to have a unique name, so if you've changed anything, check that you don't have any duplicate column names.

    The only limit that you may be hitting is for SearchIQ. If you're trying to turn that on for columns within a worksheet, that is currently limited to 15 columns as per the documentation here:

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  • James Belsey Actually I wanted to download the data from table which has 123 columns  and data volume is less than 1Million into csv format

  • Ok, so, just to confirm, this is about exporting from a table view to CSV and you are unable to add all the columns that you want to export to the search?

  • James Belsey Yeah thats it

  • Ok, I'm not sure what the limit for this is, but the better approach if you're looking to export large amounts of data is to use the 'show underlying data' option from the menu. From there you can then easily select all the columns that you want to output. I just tried this with a dataset with 112 columns and it worked for me.

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  • Thank you James Belsey and Siddhi Doshi for your help on this thread.

    arun kumar panduru , did this help solve your question/issue? 

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