February 2020 Community Newsletter

February Member Recognition

These community members have been on 🔥 this decade in engaging with our online community. Thank you for your helpful contribution this month! 

  1. Marc Price 🏆
  2. Siddhi Doshi
  3. Tenchy Jefferson
  4. Michael Darrow
  5. Eric Fomba

NEW!  Formula Challenge 🎓

We've added a new course in our Business Analyst eLearning path on ThoughtSpot U! This is an optional course that will help you practice using formulas in ThoughtSpot. 

The most exciting thing about this course is that our community inspired it! Check out challenge #10 which was inspired by Siddhi Doshi post.

To access this course, you must complete the Business User learning path and the previous courses in the Business Analyst learning path. Completing lesson 2: Using Formulas is a highly recommended pre-requisite. 

To do these practice exercises, you will need to have access to a ThoughtSpot instance with the "Retail Sales" dataset (which you could download via the challenge instructions). 

Top Topics 💥

Community Highlights ✨

We've achieved an exciting milestone as a community- we've hit 1000 members!  🎉

Please welcome our newest members to the ThoughtSpot community. We're excited to have you all here! 

Peter Amstutz

Biraja Mohanty


Nawaid R

Ike Umunna

Gerry Fitzpatrick

Tiago Costa

Erik Geleyn

Иван Исаченко

Robert Lepine

Michael Gomez

Scott Lanning

Rajaraman Loganathan

Himanshu Patel

Sara Werbeckes

Tommy Mouser

Suman Ghosh

Loren Wood

Grace Epperson

Puru Routhu

Jeff Diluzio

Tarun Palthi

Michael Darrow

Vignesh Srinivasan

Remco Weijers

Rachel Kozloski

Jhansy Nunna

Vishal V Zadbuke

Rex Washburn

gopa dutta

Hannah Alvarado

Chinmay Trivedi


Jasmine Payne

Bryan Kolesar

Antoinette Pugliese

Gyana Ranjan Mallick

Pieter Groenewoud


Sandip Pandey

Jacob W Humbles

Manoj Raj

Will Ball

pa chanteau 

Upcoming Events 📅

  • Tampa - 2nd ThoughtSpot User Group - February 20th - RSVP here
    • Join the Tampa TSGroup page to join the online conversation 

Community Feedback 🗣️

We'd love to hear from you, what topics and content would you like to see from us this year? Drop your ideas down below ⬇️

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  • Paola Thank you so much for the recognition. ThoughtSpot Community is great and always there with the solution to our queries.

    Do we have any TS User group based out of India? I would like to join.

    Let me know.

    Thank you,


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  • So glad to hear that Siddhi Doshi , thank you for being a top contributor for quite some time now. Thankful to have you here 🤗

    We're currently launching the TSGroups in a handful of cities as our Tier 1 approach. Once that tier of cities launch, then we can start expanding to other cities and regions.

    I'll connect with you to ask a few questions so I can include India in our Tier 2 plans. 

  • Paola Great! Thank you for the updates.

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