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Hi All,

How can I show current and last quarter data?

I typed last 4 quarter  but it is excluding the current quarter.

Thank you,


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  • Type the today keyword at the end of your query 


    It seems to add the latest date information when you do that 

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  • You can use the "this" keyword:

    last month this month

    last quarter this quarter

    last year this year

    In your case, it would be something like sales last 4 quarters this quarter

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  • hi vibin

    example you want to show the sales current quarter and last 4 quarter, you can search:

    sales this quarter vs last 4 quarter

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  • Dave Cohen 

    last 4 quarter this quarter worked for me. Thanks.

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  • Sriyono Basuki Thanks Sriyono.

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  • Marc Price Thanks Marc.

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