Format Formula in Answer vs. Worksheet

I have a calculated field/formula that is saved as part of an Answer.  I would like format the field as a percentage (67.5% instead of .675).  I understand I can change the format pattern for formulas created and added to a worksheet, however, I do want to add this formula to the worksheet.  It's a one-off scenario.  Can the formatting be accomplished on the Answer?

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  • Maybe you could concatenate a % sign within a formula? But I guess you would need to convert it to a string first to do that 

  • Another option could be to use a stacked bar chart and change the Y axis to be shown as a percentage 


    Can also be done using a pivot table, change the value to show % or row or % or total etc. 

  • I thought about converting to string and concatenating '%' but I don't want to lose ability to aggregate.

  • Paul Dailey , I have same problem.

    In the worksheet we can use format pattern, but when create new formula using Search there is no option for format pattern. I already submit ticket as issue to ThoughtSpot (TS) support and still open. I think in TS 5.3 this issue still not resolved.

  • Hi Paul Dailey , you can also create two formulas:

    1. For the percentage calculation
    2. To format the formula for the percentage

    For example, you create a percentage formula like [sum(sales dollar amount )/all sales]. Call this "Formula 1". Then format it as a percentage using [concat(to_string ( Formula 1 *100), "%" ) ].


    This way any aggregations are maintained. Hope this helps! 

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