tscli command to see commit status?

I have a very large table I need to update in TS.


is there a command to see if commit's are happening? (such as a particular tscli sub command?)


For example, I have an update working on a table below (via ts_load)


as you can see it is still committing.


is there a putty command for TS which I could see if any tables are still committing?


Script ts_load_indot is loading DW_MOBILITY_FACT from DW_MOBILITY_FACT.csv. 
  Log_file: /mnt/indot/logs/INDOT_TSLOAD_DW_MOBILITY_FACT_20190910_095403_UPDATE.txt 
  Bad_File: /mnt/indot/logs/INDOT_TSLOAD_DW_MOBILITY_FACT_20190910_095403_UPDATE.bad 
No source dsn or file provided. Enter rows below. 
Enter Ctrl-D when done.
Header row read successfully
Processed 1 million rows
Processed 2 million rows
Processed 3 million rows
Processed 4 million rows
Processed 5 million rows
Processed 6 million rows
Processed 7 million rows
Processed 8 million rows
Processed 9 million rows
Processed 10 million rows
Source has 10077316 data rows, has header row, ignored row count 0
Waiting for rows to commit...(please wait)

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  • Hi, Michael,

    There are two ways that I can think of offhand to get that information...


    # tscli cluster status

    - you can run this command and then review the output to see if there are any tables still building 

    [from the cli]

    # sage_master_tool isBuilding

    - this will give a simple reply letting you know if there is still back end work being done.


    Hopefully that helps..


    William Carpenter

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  • the I was capitalized in this command


    [thoughtspot@dotsecp01pa ~]$ sage_master_tool IsBuilding
    Connecting to cluster INDOT-INDIANAPOLIS-PROD-01 ...

    it shows false


    however my tsload script still shows committing


    also the cluster status does not show this


    [thoughtspot@dotsecp01pa ~]$ tscli cluster status --mode table
    Cluster: RUNNING
    Cluster name    : INDOT-INDIANAPOLIS-PROD-01
    Cluster id      : 1806X00002
    Number of nodes : 3
    Release         : 5.1.1
    Last update     = Wed Apr  3 19:00:55 2019

    Database: READY
    Number of tables in READY state: 135
    Number of tables in STALE state: 0
    Number of tables in INPROGRESS state: 0
    Number of tables in ERROR state: 0

    Search Engine: READY
    Number of tables in KNOWN_TABLES state: 109
    Number of tables in READY state: 109
    Number of tables in WILL_REMOVE state: 0
    Number of tables in BUILDING_AND_NOT_SERVING state: 0
    Number of tables in BUILDING_AND_SERVING state: 0
    Number of tables in WILL_NOT_INDEX state: 0

    ------------------Table Status---------------------
    Database: All 135 tables are READY and up to date.
    Search Engine:

    |       Segment        |   Last Build Time   | Last Build Duration  |
    | MetadataIndexSegment | Tue Sep 10 07:16:41 | 0 seconds            |
    | TempLevel0           | Tue Sep 10 04:04:58 | 0 seconds            |
    | Level0               | Tue Sep 10 06:58:00 | 1 minutes 2 seconds  |
    | Level1-Part-0        | Tue Sep 10 06:58:01 | 2 minutes 31 seconds |
    | Level1-Part-1        | Tue Sep 10 06:58:12 | 1 minutes 41 seconds |

    All 109 tables are READY and up to date.

  • You can use the community tools data loading scripts. 


    When data is loading, a "loading" temp file is created, which is then removed again once loading has completed 


    You also get an email sent to you with the log file attached. 

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  • ok thank you.


    I am familiar with some other methods to track this (such as monitoring the log file and sending emails, etc), however I was hoping that there would be a simple web gui or putty command method, which is built into the product to show any/all current/pending loads/commits which are taking place at any point in time. 

    This is not a show stopper, but I thought I would post this question ...in case there is some un/under documented tscli option to do such. (or some admin web page to look at).

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