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At Fannie Mae, we use what is the equivalent of “add_months” in oracle A LOT.  For example, the rolling month period 6 months ago or 13 months ago -- most of the time based on the 1st day of current month.  In oracle terms, this is our go-to formula: add_months(trunc(sysdate,'month'), -13)


Can we have these considered for enhancements?


a)   Have the formulas use “last 6 months” or “last week” type of concept like you can in the search boxes?

b)   Have an “add months” function like the add_days in the formula box?


That way we could do this type of thing to get a rolling 6 months:

>= add_months (start_of_month (now()), -6) to get 6 months ago from the start of the current month.


2) Being able to do in both the search box and formula boxes the comparison of two dates.  For example "date_A >= date_B" where both are date or date with timestamp fields.  We use this a lot in our existing reporting and it would be nice to be able to do this for searching.

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  • Desiree, I tagged product management and some other folks on this via our Slack feed, hopefully you'll get a response soon

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  • Hi Desiree,


    Thanks for your inputs. We do have feature requests for the enhancements that you have mentioned so as to have parity between the search functionality and the formula functionality. We hope to prioritize over the coming releases.

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  • Just want to flag this feature request. It would be very helpful to have add_months function

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