Time Series Analysis Webinar (Video and Slide Deck) (4/12/2018)


Welcome to the Time Series Analysis webinar follow-up and discussion.

Here you can watch the webinar for the first time or rewatch it to catch something you missed.

Please take our survey after you view the webinar.

Practice what you learned

We think it helps to practice what you learned in the webinar. So, we have the same data you saw Siva use in the video. You can download the data, it is a CSV file, and upload it to your own instance for practice. Remember, these exercises require version or higher of ThoughtSpot.

Download the practice data and/or the slide deck.

If you aren't sure how to upload data, our documentation explains how.

Build on what learned

We'd also like to give you the chance to build on what you learned. So, try using the practice data to answer these additional questions:

  • How were the sales on each day of the week for the last 2 weeks of all the Novembers?
  • What was my sales growth on a monthly basis, quarter over quarter for the last 8 quarters?
  • What were the sales of my bakery department for the entire year so far? How does it compare to the sales for the same department till the same day last year?  (Hint: Use formulas for the second part.)

If you have any problems with the resources on this page, with your practice, or if you just want to ask a question about time series analysis, use the form below to enter your questions. We will be happy to help you out!

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  • I'm excited about the new features in TS. However, wondering any plan to add the "in" function anytime soon? This would be a HUGE time saver. Plz add :)

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  • Thanks for your input. This is in our product roadmap. Hope to get it in soon.

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