Using Caps in Formulas

I am very new to ThoughtSpot and have a quick question about a formula I have been working on for aging categories.  Below is the formula:

if ( diff_days ( todays date , created date ) >= 31 and diff_days ( todays date , created date ) <= 45 ) then "31-45 days aged" elseif ( diff_days ( todays date , created date ) >= 46 and diff_days ( todays date , created date ) <= 60 ) then "46-60 days aged" elseif ( diff_days ( todays date , created date ) >= 61 and diff_days ( todays date , created date ) <= 90 ) then "61-90 days aged" else "90+ days aged" 

As you can see it is nothing to complicated but the issue I am running into is with capitalization of the category names.  For some reason I cannot capitalize the category names.  For example you will see that all categories have lower case names, "31-45 days aged".  If I try to capitalize the Days Aged portion the formula will not recognize the input and I cannot save the formula.

Any known issues that would cause this?

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  • Hi Aaron Davis
    This is a known issue. The text values in the formulas will be lowercased. We are aware of it and are tracking it internally.

  • I have the same issue. Has this been rectified in the later versions of ThoughtSpot??

  • I have the same issue, Is it resolved?

  • I'm afraid that as of right now this enhancement is not available - it's useful to know who is interested in this functionality so thanks for flagging this and I'll ensure that this is fed back so we can prioritise appropriately. 

  • I too would also like this resolved.  Looks better on final outputs.

  • Yes this is very much needed. All lower case looks ugly on presentations and we use formula quite a bit to deliver user friendly names for categories.

  • Has this been fixed in version 5?

  • I spoke with my companies developers for ThoughtSpot and the ability to allow capitalization using formulas is set by each IT group.  Allowing caps in the column names can cause excessive lag time due to search criteria being case specific.  My organization opted not to allow capitalization while creating formulas to expedite searches and relieve some of the stress on the system.

  • Thanks for the info Aaron. 

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