Search Filter with OR logic

Is is possible to do a simple filter like this?

where col1 = 'SOMEVAL' or col2 = 'SOMEVAL'

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  • For now you can have such "OR" conditions only through the "if" function in a formula. So you can have a function that says

    if(col1 = 'SOMEVAL' or col2 = 'SOMEVAL'col1 = 'SOMEVAL' or col2 = 'SOMEVAL') then true else false


    and then filter only for true values of this formula.

  • Siva Singaram thank you that is what I suspected (it is not part of normal search line).


    That said, how could the clause/predicate/statement be written to compare col1 and col2 against a pinboard parameter?


    what would be the syntax?

  • We've some exciting new features to enable this kind of parameters across pinboards and the whole app in our product roadmap.

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