Canadian Geo Config Formatting

What format is supposed to be used for Canadian Geo Config Formatting? 

I am trying to enter Newfoundland and Labrador and have tried the following for census divisions:

"Division No. 1, CDR", "Division No. 1" (taken from Statistics Canada's website)

Also for postal codes - what format is expected? I have tried "A1A0A1", "A1A 0A1" and neither seem to be working.

There is no information in the admin guide that I can find for Canada - only America.

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  • Hi Mark,


    I'm not an expert on Canadian geographic settings so please forgive me if I use incorrect terminology..


    As you've seen, Thoughtspot needs specific spellings. For Provinces we accept the following:

    British Columbia
    New Brunswick
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    Northwest Territories
    Nova Scotia
    Prince Edward Island

    Which gets you a map like this:


    For Division I'll try to attach a list as it's quite large, but values such as Abitibi,Abitibi-Ouest,Acton,Alberni-Clayoquot,Albert,Algoma,Annapolis,Antigonish,Antoine-Labelle,Argenteuil,Arthabaska,Avignon,Baffin, Beauce-Sartigan work.. you get the idea. I've found that where there is not a unique global name (such as 'Division No. 1') I'm having an issue so will work on that.


    For Postal/zip code it looks like we support the first three characters only such as A0A, A0B, A0C.


    Hope that helps.



  • Stuart Herd Thanks Stuart - a nice enhancement for postal codes would be to accept the standard 6 character format so Canadian users don't have to create a calculated column and can just use people's postal codes as they would appear in an address table directly

  • Understood. I assume the 6 characters give a higher level of location precision?

    The best way to get an enhancement logged formally is to raise a helpdesk ticket (if you or someone in your org has access) - reference this thread for examples - and I can help get it to the right people. That gives you a reference to track it as well rather than take my word for it :-)



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